S2X Material Stop Gauge


UMake faster cuts without a tape measure or pencil. The S2X Material Stop Gauge attaches to the back of Tapco siding brakes, consisting of aluminum stoppers gliding along bars affixed with measuring and slitter tape. Simply slide the stops along the bars and secure with thumb screws. When material is inserted into the brake, the S2X stops the piece at the precise spot for an accurate cut; stacking capabilities allow you to continue moving material inward as successive cuts are made, saving additional handling time. The versatile tool works with utility knife cuts or with slitters.

  • Attaches to back of brake
  • Slides under anvil
  • Precisely stops material
  • Increase cutting accuracy
  • Stacking capabilities decrease handling time
  • Works in conjunction with the PRO Cut-Off and utility knives
  • Increased efficiency on repeat bends

S2X Kit Components

Pivot Bar Assembly (2)
3" Measurement Stickers (2)
20" Grey/White Tape (2)
Cut-Off Tape (2)
Material Stop (2)
Width Adjuster Assembly (2)